Cool Burst Men Shower Gel, 250 ml + Men's Shower Tool

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Cool Burst Men Shower Gel, 250 ml + Men's Shower Tool
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An active life like yours, needs something more than just a regular sbody wash. Which is why, you need the Fiama Shower Gel range designed especially for men. They have skin conditioners that keep your skin moisturised and its invigorating fragrance will keep your mood fresh for hours. Try Cool Burst. It has the freshness of Menthol, which keeps your skin 3 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, giving you a burst of freshness and energy. It smells great too. Are you ready to feel cooler than everyone around.

An active life like yours doesn't have time to scrub and lather. Hence, we present to you the all-in-one Fiama Bath Essential Men's Shower Tool. It works both ways, so take your pick. It'll lather and scrub and is sure to give your bath a kick. It's fun and also easy on the grip. So go give it a try, and feel fresh all day by.


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