Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our more curious squad members have been asking us a few questions. We have tried to answer all your questions here so that your Fiama experience is more beautiful.
In case you have more questions for us, do reach out to us here. We are always up for a chat!

  • Can I use Shower Gel or Gel Bars as Face Wash?

Shower Gels and Gel Bars are designed to clean your body and make you happy. But they are not designed to wash your face.

  • What are the ingredients of your products?

Each of our product is crafted to serve a different need and hence has different ingredients. The ingredients are given at the back of the pack and you can see the same on the images given along each product description.

  • Where do I buy Fiama products?

You can buy our products at the online stores mentioned on the product pages or at a store near you. You could use the store locator to locate these stores.

  • Are there any offers in Fiama?

Do check our offers at a store near you ( or at the online stores mentioned near the product description.

  • How do I use Fiama products?

Each Fiama product has to be used differently. The ways to use is given in the sections near each product.

  • Can women use Fiama Men’s range?

Ofcourse! A bath knows no gender. While these are specifically designed for a tougher skin, anyone who likes these can use them.

  • Can Shower Gels or Gel Bars be used on hair?

Not unless it is mentioned on the pack. Shower Gels and Gel Bars are usually designed for the skin on your body and hence are more effective when used on the body.

  • Are Fiama products safe for infants?

These products are designed keeping in mind the adult skin and hence we wouldn’t recommend it to be used on an infant.

  • Can I use Fiama products every day?

Yes. Unless specified on the product, make your everyday special with your favourite Fiama products.

  • Can I use the loofahs on my face?

Our face is more delicate than our body and hence one should always be careful when using a loofah on your face. Unless the product specifically says it is for the face, it is advisable not to use it.