What does mental well being mean to an individual?

A few words that came to mind of the people when they were asked to positively associate with mental well being.

Effects of Social Media

An important tool for communication, especially in these times, this is what Indians had to say about the negative effect of social media.

  • Feel it helps in making new friendships and reconnecting with the old ones
  • Feel it helps in developing new habbits
  • Inspires positive lifestyle
  • Feel it reduces physical human connection
  • Feel that it lowers self esteem, if enough appreciation is not received
  • Feel it affect relationships adversely

    Young India's Opinions

    Bearing the brunt of a fast paced lifestyle, here's what young Indians had to say about mental well-being.

    Thoughts during lockdown

    With ample time in hand for the brain to wander, here are some of the concerns that were raised due to the lockdown.

    • Not being able to to go out as much
    • Concerns about savings, promotions and salary
    • Worrying about getting back to normal
    • Absence of help for household chores