About Us

A Bath. A Start.

We started with a bath. Well, not literally. But what got us started in 2007 was a vision. To enable people from every corner of the country to enjoy a bathing experience that was irresistible and indulgent. Did we stick to it? Yes, we did. Read on to know how.

From Distress to De-stress

We began with the understanding that stress gets to everyone. In more ways than one. It shows up on the skin. And that’s no fun. Over the years, we’ve seen that what our skin needs has changed. Which is why we endeavour (and always will) to innovate and improvise and ideate until everyone’s skin demands are met.

Nature to Nurture

Our inspiration comes from nature, too. Not just from you. Which is why we have worked with and will continue to work with experts who help us design products that bring nature and technology together, products that are crafted for Indian skin, products that are enriched with exotic natural extracts that soothe your skin and refresh your sense.

Your smile keeps us going for Miles

Every time we create, every time we innovate, we ask ourselves these questions: Will it make you smile? Will it uplift your mood? Will it make your mann khush? If the answer is yes, it’s on the shelves. You’ll see what we mean when you take a look at our pop-coloured products, our indulgent fragrances and our beautiful packaging.

Our one true aim is to keep your skin soft and happy. Our entire range is catered to provide you with an indulgent bathing experience. So that you treat your skin with care, every day.

At Fiama, we believe in going the extra mile for complete care. This means going beyond just cleansing- our skin conditioners make your skin feel soft and supple with every shower.

In a quest to provide you with only the safest products, all our formulations are dermatologist tested. Making them skin-friendly.

We believe in caring for your skin and the planet. Our products reach you in recyclable packaging. So that they serve the environment well, after they’re done serving you :)

Fiama and The Minds Foundation introduce a Virtual Clinic for mental well-being. The Virtual Clinic aims to enable affordable access to mental health therapy delivered by licensed professionals. It is a suitable platform that encourages individuals to seek help in an intimate virtual space without the fear of embarrassment or the prevailing stigma.

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