Menthol & Magnolia Shower gel, 500 ml + Hair Wrap Purple

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Menthol & Magnolia Shower gel, 500 ml + Hair Wrap Purple
  • 758

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Keep your mood uplifted and your skin cool & happy after every bath with Fiama Cooling Menthol & Magnolia Shower Gel. When the temperature gets to you, give your skin the cool sensation it needs which will leave you feeling 3 degrees cooler this summer. Indulge in a fun, foamy bathing experience with this season's cooling range of Menthol & Magnolia showe gel. It doesn't just keep you cool and refreshed , it also showers love on your skin and keeps you moisturised. Fiama cooling shower gel will uplift your every sense and keep you happy after every bath.

Start your day with a cheer and end it smiling ear to ear.Go on, lift your mood with a bath that's so good! Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper is gentle on your hair and wraps it with care.It's micro-fibers dry hair like a pro with their super-duper 3x absorption power.So let your hair down and go enjoy that shower.


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